Call Center Software Features that are Great to Have

What contact center system are you using for communication with your customers? Regardless of the kind of system you've deployed, there are software features that are important to have. And whether you're using a Yealink VoIP phone or another model, you can optimize the function of your customer call center with the right software capabilities.

Here are some software features that any modern call center software should have:

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is a vital feature for any software you're using at your call center. The feature facilitates routing of calls to the most relevant support staff. This function is able to track usage data like call volume, handled calls, or wait time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) IT Support

Interactive voice response is also very important to call center efficiency. The software feature is deployed to help route calls to the most relevant support agent, company department, or prerecorded message. It identifies and segments a caller prior to deciding how to route their call. Typically, the system starts by inviting a caller to pick a series of prompts by pressing a specific number. Depending on caller input through their phone's keypad, IVR directs them to the appropriate service, department, or agent.

Call Queues

Call queue are great when a call center is handling a lot of inbound calls. A call that cannot be handled immediately is routed to a waiting queue until an agent is available to pick it. On-hold music may be provided while a caller awaits support response.

Caller Screening

Caller screening is feature that provides customer information on a computer display based on their identity. The system first determines caller identify before making available information about them to the support agent. This feature is very important for call centers that wish to optimize performance and provide personalized responses to their customers.

Voicemail to Email Conversion

The capacity to convert voicemail to email is important to contact center functions. It involves the automatic conversion of voicemail messages to the text format before these are sent to a pre-selected email address. Working on and responding to text messages is very easy compared to listening to recorded voice massages.

Numerous call center solutions are important to the operations of any modern facility designed to offer customers the best service and experience. On top of hardware requirements, like Yealink IP phones, software is needed to support call center functions such as automatic call distribution, caller queues, and call screening.